WIP i Borlänge AB (Wip) is a family business that takes its responsibility and here are a few brief parts of our policy.

Quality Policy

Wip is a customer focused company that constantly works with improvements in a purposeful and offensive way to create satisfied customers and employees. Quality issues are driven within the company and increase coordination and integration in the business and with our suppliers.


The company must market services and products of the highest quality. Wip must respond well to the customer’s requirements and needs and meet the environmental requirements that can be placed on the business. Promised delivery and completion times are kept. Work is being done to reach “no claims”, but any guarantee commitments or complaints must be resolved as soon as possible. Wip’s employees must have a high level of social competence and a solid knowledge of the services and products that the company markets.


By constantly being responsive and analyzing information about the market and customers needs, Wip will, together with our suppliers, offer services and products that meet customer’s requirements, expectations and needs. By keeping us informed at all times about the environmental requirements that can be placed on the services and products we market, we can quickly adapt to this and, if necessary, make changes. The reasons for complaints and warranty commitments must be documented and evaluated to learn for the future.

Code of conduct

In addition to business economics, goals and guidelines, business operations must also be conducted with high demands on integrity and ethics. We therefore attach great importance to acting professionally, honestly and ethically correct. Our long-term goal is for all customers and suppliers to our companies to live up to the Code of Conduct. However, we understand that some adjustments require time, but at the same time we expect a continuous pursuit of improvement. We comply as a minimum with all applicable laws and regulations and will, if necessary, also introduce standards that follow this code where existing laws and regulations are not in line with its goals. We expect customers and suppliers as a minimum requirement to be aware of and comply with current legislation.

-Working conditions

Employees must be treated with respect and dignity. Under no circumstances may an employee be subjected to corporal punishment or other forms of physical, sexual, psychological punishment, harassment or coercion. We do not accept forced labor, involuntary or unpaid work in any form. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the ILO Convention on the Minimum Age for Access to Work, and the Convention on the Prohibition and Immediate Action for the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labor, are guidelines for all activities carried out in our name. Employees shall have the freedom to exercise their legal right to be members of, organize or work for organizations that represent their interests as employees.


Recycling thinking and managing natural resources is an important starting point for our business. The environmental perspective must be included in important decisions, in order to create long-term value for the Group’s customers, employees, shareholders and for society as a whole. The environmental work must also be conducted within the framework of our business concept and be well integrated into the operational work. This includes, in the long run, that the entire life cycle of the goods and services we provide must be taken into account. Through high competence among our employees and by constantly developing our knowledge of the environmental effects, we can have a holistic view of environmental issues. Environmental promotion measures shall be taken as far as is technically possible, economically reasonable and environmentally justified. Customers and suppliers are expected to know and comply with requirements in accordance with national legislation, regulations and industry standards. As a minimum requirement, customers and suppliers must have a safe handling of hazardous substances and waste.


We have an open attitude in the dialogue with those who are affected by Wip´s operations. We respond to inquiries from outsiders and communicate with stakeholders in a correct and efficient manner. Questions can be asked via e-mail to info@wipomatic.nu

Conflict Minerals
WIP i Borlänge is a company with a strong commitment to social responsibility.

We believe as a sustainable company we need our suppliers and contractors to join us in this commitment. WIP do not accept any minerals from conflict and high-risk areas to be used in products we promote and provide to our customers. We are obligated to take immediate action to deal with any problems identified.