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WIP in Borlänge AB is a family business that started in 1985, Wip has worked with rear view camera systems and developed its own QUALITY brand Wipomatic since 1995. In 2016 Wip started its own brand for LED lighting WIP Light and took, among other things, presented there own manufactured work lamp W160-F60WL which has great success. Wip works with products for an improved working environment as well as aids for safety in and around vehicles and machines. Wipomatic Rear View Camera systems are sold worldwide.

Wipomatic Rear View Camera systems are used today both underground and above ground. A lot is sold for Mining machines, Forestry machines, Trucks, Forklifts, Agricultural tractors/machines, Excavators i.a. for rails, construction machines, etc. That is, often in a very tough environment where high demands and the highest quality are required. These Rear View Camera systems can also be used in Boats or Trucks without cabin as Wipomatic also has some waterproof monitors with IP69K that can be used on outboards or on the bridge. All cameras are waterproof and most are also IP 69K tested.

To ensure that the high quality requirements are met, Wip has its own staff stationed in Asia. Through close contact with manufacturers, Wip has obtained the materials and components that provide the best image, colors and quality in all Wipomatic camera systems. This has led to Wipomatic cameras being used by a large number of leading companies in various industries, with very good results and thus satisfied customers spread across the globe.

All camera systems can be connected to 12-32 volts. Wide angle of cameras from 25° to 200° depending on model and camera. It is possible to replace older models with new ones if desired, as Wipomatic products have a long lifespan, it may be necessary to replace a part of the system and it is entirely possible despite the 20-30 year difference between the products. The shell may look the same, but there can be a big difference in the development inside i.a. it can differ several hundreds of thousands of pixels from the previous year, as Wip is constantly developing even the existing products.

The work lamp W160-F60WL, please see the video from a stress test on the first page.

For your own and others’ safety, run with Wipomatic and WIP Light!

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